Your Team of Certified Arborists in Ottawa & Area

MJ Enright & Sons Tree Services is your local team of certified arborists and utility arborists. What makes us unique is our friendly and insured service. Being certified means that we know the ins and outs of safe and controlled tree removal.

Trust in a Certified Team

If the job is in the wrong hands, preventable damage can happen during tree removal. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with professionals when you call on MJ Enright & Sons Tree Services. 

We are fully certified and insured, and we know what we are doing thanks to years of experience. Safety is our first priority when it comes to dismantling and removing hazardous trees. When it comes to something as big as trees, only trust the biggest local names in the business.

Having run their business in the Ottawa area for over 30 years, MJ Enright & Sons Tree Services has worked side by side with:

  • Atomic Energy of Canada
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Ontario Hydro
  • Municipalities
  • Federal Government
  • Private Electrical Companies
  • Individual Home Owners

To schedule a tree removal, or for routine shrub and hedge trimming, contact us at MJ Enright & Sons Tree Services for an estimate.

Dear Mr. Enright,

You and your two man team arrived at 9:30 AM this morning. I needed three trees brought down, one over 60 ft high and in precarious lean over an outdoor swimming pool. Two other trees needed to be cut back as they were interfering with the roof of our house. Major clean up was required as the tall tree had a very large base diameter. I anticipated a one and a half day job especially considering some of the trees were in difficult locations to access. You departed 4 and half hours after you arrived! The trees were downed, cut into useable lengths for a fireplace, all scrub limbs etc chipped and removed and general clean up of surrounding areas that were not even the result of your work. All in all I couldn't be more pleased and would gladly recommend your services to any potential customers.

Best regards, Lew MacKenzie

Lewis W. MacKenzie, CM, OOnt, MSC and Bar, CD
Major-General(Ret'd), PPCL