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Helping Out Mother Nature

Mother Nature is responsible for bringing us many great things, like plants and trees. These things aren’t so great when they get out of control, either on their own or due to weather, and they have the potential to do some damage. 

That’s why MJ Enright & Sons Tree Service in the Ottawa Valley provides safe and qualified tree services, including complete tree removal, stump grinding and more.

Tree Removals Done Safely

When it comes to removing trees, it is imperative that you hire a certified utility arborist. Most trees in question are quite large, and if handled in the wrong hands, can cause a costly disaster. 

We know that you want the tree removed safely so that it does not damage your property or pose a risk for injury; that’s why the process of removing the tree properly is so important. Our team of arborists understands the technicality of tree removal, and we do so safely and properly.

Certified Utility Arborist

Certified Arborist

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MJ Enright & Sons Tree Services is your local team of certified arborists and utility arborists. What makes us unique is...


As a certified utility arborist, we are completely trained on the safest practices when it comes to dismantling and...

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